del Marle

Felix del Marle

Félix Del Marle, born in Pont-sur-Sambre in 1889 et deceased in Bécon-les-Bruyères in 1952, is a French painter.

After classic studies, Del Marle moved to Paris where he met Apollinaire and Severini, with who he shared his studio, rue Dutot, in 1912. Closed to Marinetti and Boccioni, Del Marle adopted the futurist instructions as soon as 1913. His compositions and reliefs of that time, Del Marle melt the neo-plasticism orthogonal austerity and a more lyric constructivism.

Del Marle then opted for Surrealism for a few years. Since 1949, he realized his first constructions, which showed his interest for the arts synthesis and for the integration of colors in architecture. These constructions drove him to create in 1951 with André Bloc the group Espace, as part of which he realised, assisted of Servanes and in collaboration with the architect Zhehrfuss, the Polychromies architectural for Renault's factories in Flins.