Jacques Villeglé

Jacques, Marie, Bertrand, Mahé de la Villeglé, known as Jacques Villeglé, born on March 27, 1926, in Quimper, France, is a french plastic artist and painter.

Since December 1949, with Hains, who he met at Rennes' School of Fines-Art, Villeglé began to collect lacerated posters. For him, the true artist is the "anonymous lacerating person": the collection could be done by anyone.

In February 1954, Villeglé and Hains made the poet François Dufrêne's acquaintance, who will present them to Yves Klein, then to Jean Tinguely and to Pierre Restany. After their participation to the first Paris Biennale, they established the New Realists group in 1960.