About exhibition

Ernesto Neto was born in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro ; he is the brasilian artist the most famous of the contemporary artistic scene.

In 2007, at the Calder Studio in Saché, Ernesto Neto first experimented a series of sculptures composed of autonomous elements. Construction and balance games, in which interfer improvisation and space exploration.

His work plays on the relationships developed between his art works' elements: material, smell, balance, site and the interaction with the visitor.

The installation Looking for the end, made of wood, is conceived especially for André Bloc's Sculpture-Habitacle, at Natalie Seroussi's.

This sculpture without borders, recalling the exuberance of the Amazonian forest in perpetual move, invests space, creeps into the corners of the habitacle, waves, links together the interior.

Looking for the end is for the moment assemblied this way. But considered as a partition, Neto give the liberty to others to interpret it, to assembly it differently or elsewhere.

About the artist