Bernard Heidsieck was born in Paris in 1928.

Heidsieck was one of the creator, in 1955, of the Sonorous Poetry and, since 1962, of the Action Poetry, negating poetry to only be a written artistic medium, but being also spoken, lived.

Bernard Heidsieck has organised in Paris the First Sonorous Poetry International Festival in 1976, at the Atelier Annick Le Moine, and the International Meetings 1980 of sonorous poetry in Rennes, Le Havre and Paris, France, with Michèle Métail.

He organised more than 600 public readings of his poems in about fifteen countries, and took part to many Poetry International Festivals.

Furthermore, Heidsieck has been the subject of many publications in french and foreign publications.

Besides, he was the second Director of the Exterior Trade French Bank, the President of the Poetry Commission and of the Book National Center and received, in 1991, the Poetry International Prize.

In 2009, in Modena, Heidsieck received the Poetry Prize Antonio Delfini, rewarding his whole carreer.