Vassilakis Takis

Vassilakis Takis, born in 1925 in Athens, is a greek sculptor, especially working in the cinetic art field.

Autodidact artist, painter and sculptor, Takis joined in the greek resistance during the Second World War during the german occupation, and then to the civil war which followed. In 1954, Takis left Greece and moved to France, where he decided to live in Paris.

Takis' work was influenced by the radar invention and by his discovering of the magnetic field in 1958. He used the invisible strenght of electromagnetic to create a misterious atmosphere. His first signals are flexible metallic shalfs which are flickering, then he created giant suspended balls which are dancing thanks to the action of an electromagnet. By adding amplifiers, Takis' sculptures resonate, creating an impressing hieratic music.

Takis' works are part of numerous private and public collections in the entire world. Three of his signals are exhibited in the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou Museum, Paris.