2014: Phill niblock, Meudrone THIR

2014: Phill niblock, Meudrone THIR

Phill Niblock invests André Bloc's Cabin in Meudon with his new creation, "Meudrone THIR".

On this occasion, a sound and visual work is projected in the cabin.

This original multimedia performance by the artist, composed of two videos and 30 hours of sound, is inspired by the flora surrounding the site, demonstrating the artist's ability to use and mix music, video and photography.

The spectator is immersed in a unique experience, conducive to meditation.

Born in Indiana in 1933, Phill Niblock, since the mid-60s, has specialized in multimedia performance. Best known for his talents as a minimalist composer, Niblock simultaneously presents films depicting the workers' movement and abstract figures during his concerts.

Phill Niblock has been the director of the Experimental Intermedia Foundation since 1985. During his career, he has produced over 1000 performances, was the curator of the innovative XI Records label, and launched a second EI Space in Ghent, Belgium.