2008: Ernesto Neto

2008: Ernesto Neto

Ernesto Neto was born in 1964 in Rio de Janeiro, and is the best known Brazilian artist on the contemporary art scene.

In 2007, during a residency at the Atelier Calder in Saché, Ernesto Neto experimented with a series of sculptures composed of autonomous elements that fit together. Games of construction and balance in which improvisation and exploration of space intervene.

His work is based on the relationships between all the elements of his works: the material, the smell, the balance, the place and the interaction with the visitor.

The installation Looking for the end, made of wood, is specially designed for the Sculpture-Habitacle by André Bloc at Natalie Seroussi's home.

This sculpture without borders, reminiscent of the exuberance of the ever-changing Amazonian forest, invades the space, enters the niches of the interior, stands up, undulates, articulates the interior and reveals it.

Looking for the end is today assembled like this. But seen as a score, Neto gives others the freedom to interpret it, to assemble it differently or elsewhere.