Pavillon Seroussi à La maison rouge

25 June - 9 September 2007

Pavilion Seroussi, collector architectures, La Maison rouge.

Collector, Natalie Seroussi has decided to project a house designed to welcome her contemporary art collection, and has sponsorized a contest young architects agencies to realize it.

Six agencies have been invited to be part of it : Biot(h)ing, EZCT Architecture & Design Research, Gramazio/Köhler, DORA, ijp corporation and Xefi rotarch.

Entitled "Pavillon Seroussi, collector's architectures", the exhibition which accompanies the contest in the Maison Rouge, will aims to show to a larg public these new architectural practices. It will reproduced the integrality of the process which presided to the projects' conception, throuhout a series of documents, diagrams and plans and models.

The exhibition will present on one hand André Bloc's work, in which the contest launched by Natalie Seroussi fits into, and on another hand the 6 projects in contest for the Pavilion's construction.

Curator: Elias Guénoun.

The jury, composed of professionals, has taken on two projects: Dora and EZCT.

From the 1st of June to the 9th of september 2007