Berlin - Paris à Berlin : Arp/Schwitters

26 February 2011


An exhibition centered around the works of two friends, two representatives of Dadaism : Jean Arp and Kurt Schwitters.

Arp : about ten works from the 1940s to the 1960s. There are original plasters, edited in 2 or 3 copies each. Far from received ideas, it is plaster, this malleable material that the sculptor liked to work on above all, permitting him to realise the forms coming from his poetic and abstract imagination. The metamorphosis then became the theme of numerous sculptures, as Coryphée, Rêve d'Amphore, S'accroupissant or Propriétaire du Tonneau de Heidelberg.

Besides their recognised artistic value, it is important to emphasize these works commercial rarity. Few pieces are indeed on the art market, most of them having been given by Marguerite Hagenbach-Arp, the sculptor second wife, to international institutions. The works presented in this exhibition come from the André Mounier's collection, Arp's last practitioner.

Schwitters, one of the most active members of dadaism in Hanover, is represented by his collages and reliefs. Among them, works of the 1920s well-illustrating the artist's approach and creations, thanks to the collage and assembly technique, process that Schwitters took to the extreme in his pictural researches.

Some more tardive works will be also exhibited; it is reliefs on wood, dated from the 1930s and the 1940s. Most of these works were exhibited in important international exhibitions.