Sohan Qadri - Une route pour l'Inde: Oeuvres récentes 2006 - 2007

22 November - 22 December 2007

Native of Punjab, Sohan Qadri spreads in his works this mystic philosophy, emblematic of his native country.

The exhibition "A Road to India" redraws the spiritual progression of an artist who doesn't leave anything to fate.

A meditation enthousiast and yogi from time to time, each form, each color that Sohan Qadri uses, equal to a number, to a mathematic code, inspired by Tantra.

But confronted to this toughness, which we could qualify of cloistered, Qadri wants to create a contrast, a rupture.

This is where the incisions intervene, incisions that the artist makes his works endure, as if Qadri wanted to bring face to face harmony and violence.


Curator : Soufiane Bensabra