bernard heidsieck


Natalie Seroussi produced this edition of the Vaduz cards with Bernard Heidsieck, 617 copies of each card are numbered and bear the name of one of the 617 ethnic groups (an RQ code is included to hear the poem).


In 1974 an art foundation in Vaduz commissioned a text from Bernard Heidsieck for its inauguration. But what about "this maxi-village, capital of this mini-territory in the center of Europe."


On a world map, Bernard Heidsieck draws expansive spirals around the capital of Liechtenstein and identifies ethnic groups and peoples along the way. This is a crazy documentary ambition for which the artist immerses himself for months in ethnological works from the Museum of Man.


Vaduz is a sound poem in which Heidsieck brings the world together in a hallucinatory joy, the echo effect of which is achieved with the Révox A 700 that the artist had just acquired when he made his first recording in 1974. 

Since 2014, the map of Vaduz is part of the collection of the Musée National d'Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou.

bernard heidsieck, vaduz
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