Victor Brauner was born in Piatra Neamt, the 15th of June 1903, and died the 12th of March 1966.

His younth was marked by two important facts: first, by the revolt in Moldavia and his father spiritism sessions , then by the memory and the excitation provoked by the Comet Halley passing in 1911, whom, for many, was announcing the end of the world.

During his first trip in Paris in 1925, Brauner discovered Giorgio de Chirico's work and the surrealists. But it is only en 1932, when he moved to Paris, that he met them thanks to Yves Tanguy. Brauner began a series of works on the enucleate eye.

In november 1940, his life's precarity forced Brauner to get used to this and to use the few materials that he had. Thus, Victor Brauner painted with wax, material at which he gave a alchimical value, even esoteric.