Villa Bloc

In the desire to build a dynamic collection open to contemporary art, Natalie Seroussi has been inviting an artist since 2008 to conceive an in situ installation that comes into dialogue with the interior sculptures of André Bloc, a unique ensemble built in the 1950s in Meudon.

Classified as a historical monument since 1983, the Villa André Bloc is the work of the sculptor and publisher André Bloc, who has remained famous for his magazine "L'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui". Built in 1951, this "house-workshop" residence is characteristic of the modern movement. Defending the idea of a synthesis of sculpture and architecture, André Bloc realized from 1960 to 1964 two "sculptures - cockpits", monumental brick constructions. The brick cockpit 2 painted with lime and the red brick tower that offers a panorama of Paris are above all a plastic experimentation of space that redefines the notion of habitat.


Every year Natalie Seroussi makes the sculptures - habitacles de Bloc dialogue with contemporary creation. Since 2008, the public has thus been able to discover the proposals of Ernesto Neto, Malachi Farrell, Michel François, Mathieu Briand, Michel François, Tobias Putrith, Phil Niblock, Didier Faustino and Bruno Gironcoli. In 2020 Natalie Seroussi invites Anita Molinero to present a practicable sculpture.

  • 2020: Anita Molinero, Miss Pink, Miss Blue, Miss Orange

    We are on the way back, by car we just left Pascal's workshop with whom I will make the bench sculpture (for once you can put your buttocks on a sculpture without fear ...).
    we are going to cast in fiber concrete, I love to say fiber concrete (for the feeling of mastery and virility)
    food fibers, fiber optics and finally fiber concrete from such remote areas and yet with this common point a filamentary structure that reinforces.
    in short...

  • 2017: bruno gironcoli - conversation avec andré bloc

    Bruno Gironcoli (1936-2010)
    Bruno Gironcoli was introduced to goldsmithing before studying applied arts in Vienna and teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts. Franz West and Hugo Rondinone attended his courses and found their inspiration at his side.

  • 2015: miriam laura leonardi - julia znoj - jacky poloni

    "Bloc verticals"
    Look out series

    Gabarit extérieur

    Miriam Laura Leonardi (born in 1985, lives and works in Zurich)
    Jacky Poloni (born in 1989, lives and works in Zurich)
    Julia Znoj (born in 1990, lives and works in Zurich and Vienna, Switzerland)

  • 2014: Didier Faustino

    this is not a love song

    this is not

    une architecture / un hommage

    this is

    une action / un délit

    this is

    une performance / un abri

    léger & vulnérable

    this is /// a love song…

  • 2014: Phill niblock, Meudrone THIR

    Phill Niblock invests André Bloc's Cabin in Meudon with his new creation, "Meudrone THIR".

    On this occasion, a sound and visual work is projected in the cabin.

    This original multimedia performance by the artist, composed of two videos and 30 hours of sound, is inspired by the flora surrounding the site, demonstrating the artist's ability to use and mix music, video and photography.

    The spectator is immersed in a unique experience, conducive to meditation.

  • 2012: Tobias Putrih

    Inaugurated during the 2012 Heritage Days, Tobias Putrih's project entitled "About Polly Maggoo" invests for one year in André Bloc's cabin 2, built in 1964 by the architect in the garden of his villa in Meudon. 

  • 2009: Michel François

    L'arbre à pluie 

    We find in Michel François this irresistible need to play with nature, to manipulate it like a demiurge. In Meudon, in the garden of the Villa Bloc, he creates natural phenomena beyond illusion.

  • 2010: Malachi Farrell

    The mechanized or kinetic installations of Irish sculptor Malachi Farrell intertwine recuperated objects, movements, sounds and lights: a choreography that unashamedly makes use of the latest technologies to put the spectator to the test of danger.

  • 2009: Mathieu Briand

    Through a series of seven sculpted white sticks on which an iconography related to tales and legends unfolds, Mathieu Briand develops a set of complex scenes, always related to childhood and its fears perpetually instilled by adults through stories that are a priori harmless read before bedtime, which he stages with new pictorial developments.

  • 2008: Ernesto Neto

    The installation Looking for the end, made of wood, is specially designed for the Sculpture-Habitacle of André Bloc at Natalie Seroussi.

    This sculpture without borders, reminiscent of the exuberance of the Amazonian forest in perpetual movement, invades the space, enters the niches of the interior, stands up, undulates, articulates the interior and reveals it.