9 March - 22 May 2010

"Through my work, I try to question the different forms of the men's doings in the world, our way to handle the urban space and the established powers. As we locate ourselves and transform the environment as a reaction to the preestablished territorial limits, to ours transformation and survival strategies; the reaction of the dominating element - man - to the nature or to the architecture in a continuous process of change, establishing a circularity between these elements, without being authorize to create a constant hierarchy. Sometimes dominating, sometimes dominated; the building which destroys to create itself; ruins that rebuild themselves ; the destruction which transform; a constant transposition of materials resulting from construction and destruction processes and a demarcation of power's action territories from simple attitudes. The research of this new reality underlines the transitory state of things and create the possibility to understand different rythms and speeds. This creates a transformation cycle which reveals a time of use and wear, sometimes even until the total shortage. This research also establishes the creation of a tension space. With my work, I'm trying to bring back the world discussion at the center of the art discussion. I am creating some artifices to discuss artifice."

André Komatsu.